About Us

Femme Fitness Hub was created off a vision to see Women live happy, health and fulfilled lives through fitness, nutrition and mindset.

At Femme Fitness we help Women find themselves, wake up and regain their inner Wonder Woman. One that believes in themselves, knows they are worthy, will to achieve and overcome anything.

We help Women build their strength from the inside out. This strength gives them the confidence to put their health and wellbeing first, to ensure they can be the best version of themselves for the special people in their lives.

We are a Community of Women that bring each other up, support each other when they are down and help each other push to reach their full potential.

We love healthy food, we aren’t scared of a good workout and love a good challenge.

Zoë Howse


Managing Director


Zoë has been actively involved in health and wellness her whole life.  Her love for sports began at a young age where she represented the state in athletics as a sprinter and long jumper. Health and Wellness are some of Zoë’s top values; she understands and appreciates the multitude of benefits that come with regular exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.

Having always been passionate about helping others, Zoë began her career in health as a Registered Nurse, and worked in this industry for over 10 years.

Although Zoë loved nursing, in 2012 she made the decision to follow her passion for fitness and holistic health, and embarked upon a new career where she studied to become a Personal Trainer, Yoga and Pilates Teacher, and Mindset Coach.

After going through some challenging life lessons and coming through the other end with a new found awareness, Zoë had the vision to help women become healthy, happy and strong, and to teach them about empowerment in the mind, body and soul.  Zoë believes in order to get lasting results, we must also work on all of these levels.  When we learn to build self worth, confidence, and inner strength, we can then start to believe in ourselves and begin living an intentional life!  Everything starts with mindset, having a healthy mind leads to having a healthy body.

Building a community where women can support other women and lift each other up is important to Zoë.

Zoë continues to strive to create an environment and community of results.


Danny Vorhauer



Passionate about personal health and fitness, Danny knows firsthand the countless benefits of keeping fit and putting your health first when living a busy lifestyle in our fast paced world.


A true entrepreneur at heart, Danny is also the owner of Spartans gym.  He took over the facility in 2016, and managed to turn a gym around that was operating at a loss and made it into a success.


The key to success is quite simple: members needs have always come first for Danny. He operates all his businesses with this core value and the results are always the same; satisfaction for members and staff.  Danny understands that for the gym to be successful in the long term, members must feel part of the family and have an opportunity to provide feedback.


For Danny, creating a sense of family is important. His aim is for everyone to feel part of the family – to know you are valued and your opinion matters.  For many business owners this is a cliché which doesn’t have any tangible outworking but Danny is different.

His dynamic team is also proactive and passionate about running annual charity events to raise money for causes that are important to members and staff alike.


The Femme Fitness Hub is a Women’s only transformation centre that focused on results, education and creating the body they deserve.

As a specialist in the delivery of Women’s Health and Fitness, all of our sessions, programs and challenges are designed for Women, by Women and catered for every aspect of their lives.
Not only supporting Women with weight loss and athletic based goals, we also support women pre and postnatally to ensure the smooth transition into motherhood, whilst also enabling them to look and feel amazing.

This business was designed by Women for Women, we know how Women feel because you know we are Women. We know what it’s like to have a bad day and we know what you need to make it a good day.

We are not just a fitness facility, we are a community of like-minded Women creating healthier bodies and happier lives to ensure we are happy wifes, girlfriends, mothers and grandmothers.

At Femme Fitness Hub we encourage and educate Women to workout but to also to work on themselves through the delivery of yoga and pilates. We feel this supported both results, but also the creation of balance, both physically and emotionally.


The Femme Fitness Hub is more than just Fitness, more than just teaching Women how to lose weight and break the trend, it’s about role models.

Our ultimate goal is about shaping the next generation of health and wellbeing. To achieve this the Femme Fitness Hub decided to focus on helping Women be the best version of themselves and to then pass on these learning to their friends, families and most importantly children.

In order to make changes to the next generation, we are committed to work with the Mums and future Mothers of Australia in an effort to reduce the incidence of obesity, depression, anxiety.

As the core of most families, Women have the greatest ability to influence and be the role model required to educate on the message and Why of the Femme Fitness Hub.

Femme’s why is to inspire Women to be their best, to be role models to their friends, families and most importantly, children. Our ultimate goal is to change the next generation of health and wellbeing for all. In order to help aid healthy and happy children, it all begins with the core of the children, the parents.

In order to make changes in children and our future generations, Femme is dedicated to work with Mums and future Mums of Australia in order to reduce the risks of obesity, depression and anxiety in our next generation. Women are the core of most families, generally the ones who pack lunches and prep meals. Our goal is to educate and inspire the Women of Australia, in order for them to become the best roles models they can be through being a part of a supportive and uplifting community, to feel safe exercising and to feel confident in making healthy choices for their families, and themselves.


To impact the lives of the next generation by empowering women to reach their full potential.


To be Australia’s Leading Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Transformational Community for Women.


Focus on the Journey, not the destination
Empower Yourself and Others
Constant and Never Ending Improvement
Trust the process and never give up
Open and Honest Relationships
Most importantly, Just Have Fun!