How Women Can Love Their Body in the New Year!

How Women Can Love Their Body in the New Year!
January 9, 2019 Ben Mason

Ladies! Don’t worry….2019 is over! Finished, done and in the record books!


It’s amazing how the change of a simple date can provide some much optimism, positivity and love in the world.

We believe that the stress, hectic lifestyles and unreal expectations will go away and when they don’t they compound, see us give up on dreams, put our goals to the side and damped our aspirations.

I believe that rather than continue the trend, you could pivot and give your body and mind some love.

2020 is all about self care…. Here’s how you can do a few simple things to make life all the more easier;

Set some rules for screens, social and work talk

Life is crazy and we bring it home. Kids go to bed and we’re back talking work. Stress levels stay high and sleep is disturbed. My advice…ditch the screens and limit bedtime for the two S’s.  

Sleep and Sex!

2019 is your year for FUN

What is your favourite thing to do? 5..4..3..2..1…. Answer? What is it?

So many women will struggle to answer as they are so busy. Overworked and run around that FUN is no longer FUN.

Coffee dates are great, but 2019 is the year to get, out and do something crazy, fun and will challenge you. Laugh, cry and be silly.

Embrace Your Mess

Some friends and I were brainstorming ideas for business and we came across this gem. Much of the link between lack of self care and worth lies in the mess. It’s the mess at home. the crazy schedule, the crazy kids, patterns, habits and your crazy mind playing games with you.

The thing is….it’s your mess and you need to embrace it. Everything good in your life came from it. Practice some gratitude daily and embrace the mess you have, the joy it brings and the challenges it helps you overcome!


Set your watch for some ME time

Grab your diary, block out 30 minutes and make it just about you. Turn off your brain and meditate, take a hot (or cold) bath, do your nails, hair or anything that makes you feel special.


Crank the music, sing dance and be crazy. But do it alone! Learn how to say NO, and start saying YES to you.

But…Also Be Social

So many Women have zero network. Their top 5 human interactions are with the kids, the supermarket check out, their partners and their dog.

2019 is the year to be social. Start by finding a place with people just like you and just hang around, do what they do and take in the energy. Join a gym and knock off two birds with one stone! Also see point above 2019 is your year for FUN.  

It’s time to share yourself with the world.

Finally…No more hesitation…2020 is the year for ACTION

2020 is the year you can make it happen. So was 2019 and so was 2018 and so on….

The thing is….we have been through the pain, been through enough hurt and have somehow come out the other end. For 2019 to happen for you you need to be ready to blossom and the best way is to start writing down the type of person you want to be in…Try this…

What is the ultimate 2020 version of you look like? And…what does that mean?

  1. Sexy…..which means they make an effort to look their best everywhere they go as it makes her feel amazing (and sexy).

Try this little exercise and put it up on your mirror at home as a reminder of the person you want to be. Do it everyday, read it aloud and be disciplined to make it happen.

Start with 5 words that describe your Wonder Woman what it actually means.

Little ladies, it’s time for you to shine and that starts with self love. Another year of hesitation = Another your of hurt


P.s. If you want to build the foundation of self love and care, come see us in the Hub and see what we’re all about with a 7 Day Trial!