About the FEMME Fitness Hub: Nutrition

About the FEMME Fitness Hub: Nutrition
July 3, 2018 Ben Mason

The field of Nutrition is ALWAYS Changing and Nutrition for Weight Loss has Never Been So Confusing!

So what do we teach/ advocate for our clients at FEMME Fitness Hub in regards to nutrition that supports them to achieve their goals?


Is it Vegan? Paleo? Gluten Free? Intermittent Fasting? Vegetarian?

The answer is none of the above but at the same time, all of them!


Here’s how to approach Nutrition at FEMME:

1. We Get Women to Focus on Getting the Basics Right…First! 

For us at FEMME Fitness Hub this means enabling our bodies to start training, recovering and giving our bodies a chance. This means focusing on anti-inflammatory foods that promote recovery and detoxification.

In turn, this also means avoiding the foods that we know promote inflammation in our system i.e. dairy, gluten and processed sugars/salts. This is not forever or to attribute guilt, but to simply give ourselves the best chance to get where we deserve to be.


2. We Teach Women to Always ADD not Subtract

Elimination doesn’t work…It usually work like this…..Eliminate a food, resent eliminating it, willpower wanes and we pig out on said food!


At FEMME Fitness Hub we teach our clients to add not subtract. This means adding healthy foods, habits and tools which in turn enables natural attrition of the old, unhealthy ones. By doing this, we own our decisions, see and feel the benefits and never look back.’


3. We Teach Women How to Get Organised

Believe it or not, this is the hardest part. We look for recipes, diets and superfoods when the answer is simple. Healthy ingredients eaten consistently.  

The best way to do this? Get organised. This means food prep using our chop, chop, chop, cook, store method or simply outsourcing the process. Taking an hour out of your week to go shopping, and an hour to prep supports us to ensure we never don’t have food on hand and are tempted or left having to resort to the next best thing.


4. We Track Our Food

Not every diet works for everyone, not everyone can eat specific foods or let’s be honest…”like” eating specific foods. 

The best way to determine what works for you, meaning performance, digestion, mood, taste, ability to continue applying it, and results (Outcomes) is to track it. If you’re not tracking it, you’re not doing it! 

At the FEMME Fitness Hub we use a Food Diary that is 15% food and 85% feedback and planning.

We teach clients to analyse their own food, record their own feedback and make their own conscious decisions. We aim to transition our clients from unconsciously unaware, unconsciously skilled.


5. We Teach our Clients to Own their Decisions by Focusing on Education and the ULTIMATE Long Term Goal of Lifestyle.

By focusing on long term lifestyle we change the thinking and remove the feeling of guilt. This promotes balance and teach our clients to make healthier decisions but own the others as well, knowing it’s all part of the journey.

This means, but is not limited to:

  • Promoting ethically sourced foods
  • Teaching Clients to read and interpret food labels
  • How to eat out successfully!


For some Women Nutrition can be hard and a chore, therefore at FEMME Fitness Hub we aim to stop it being about willpower and start making it just one of the things we do in creating the body and life we deserve!

Have an amazing day!

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