Sore Back When You Deadlift?

Sore Back When You Deadlift?
June 8, 2018 Ben Mason

Do you get a Sore Back when you Deadlift?

Sore Back When You Deadlift? It’s so frustrating as the deadlift is one of the best exercises for both strength, building muscle and creating a toned figure (And Booty)…..that’s why you see Fitness Girls all over Instagram doing them!


With great gains, comes great falls and incorrectly performed deadlifts can be disastrous! Sore backs, slipped disks, core problems, imbalances and much more.

An incorrect technique can take away your results faster than the time it took to create them!

That’s why today we’ll be focusing on the basics again, the set up the lift and the activation associated with performing a safe and correct deadlift.

In this video the boss (@belindacarusi) will teach you:

  1. The correct set up for a deadlift (The bones)
  2. The way to activate your core, back and glutes….and;
  3. How to lift the bar and put it back down so we can load it back up for more!


P.s. If your squat is hurting your knees, check this out!

Deadlift 101 with Belinda Carusi