The Real Mindset of Body Transformation

The Real Mindset of Body Transformation
July 19, 2018 Ben Mason

Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset! [Short Mini Blog]

I know that when I heard Mindset in marketing all over the internet I thought….another Tony Robbins giving me some Rah Rah motivation speech about goals.


But over the years working with Women of all shapes, sizes, fitness backgrounds and background issues and problems (We all have them) I’ve realized that Mindset isn’t the motivation, it isn’t the dramatic shifts. It’s actually the small things, the small changes in the way approach the basic things we do everyday in our lives.  


What does that actually mean?


I’d love to share with you a few examples of what I think are “real” mindset shifts. Not motivation, yelling and screaming, jumping around short term bursts. Real mindset shifts that were written down in food diaries by real women making real change.  


Real shifts that are for life…..


How do I know they are for life……Because these Women now know what it “actually feels”  to be healthier, happier and regardless of what happens in the next period of their lives, deep down these there the things they will always remember.


You can’t forget how good your body can and is designed to feel!


I hope you find these shifts as powerful as I did!   



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Enjoy and Comment Below the mindset Shifts that you feel you would love to make! Have an Amazing Day and tanks for Supporting FEMME Fitness Hub