Creating Real Motivation and Energy with Your Food Diary

Creating Real Motivation and Energy with Your Food Diary
June 6, 2018 Ben Mason

It was Food Diary review week last week (Second Hand in) and I understand that this is the point (Week 5 of the FEMME Fitness Hub Challenge) where the willpower you’re all using can potentially start to wane.


Without knowing it, we’re using willpower as a tool to create habits….for example;

  1. Eating healthy
  2. Using Your Food Diary
  3. Turning up to sessions etc etc


It works because it allows us to focus it one specific task and make it happen. It’s super powerful because of it’s laser sharp, singular focus.

Problem with always reverting to willpower is that it can elicit a stress response. Long term chronic stress can turn into resentment.

Resentment in turn makes us resent the habit and then loose focus on all of the other great off shoots of the singular focus you’ve had i.e. When I’m healthy and fit I’m more confident. When I’m more confident I see my friends more….when I make time to see friends I’m a happier unit.

This is the reason we rebound……and keep rebounding…over and over again!

So if not will power, then what?


Listening today it lies in two facets:

1 – Gratitude; and
2 – Compassion for Self

You’ve probably got this point in the post here and thought….not again! Hear me out…today it’s a little different.

Let’s start with Gratitude.

Gratitude, or simply the process of identifying the quality and benefits along the way is a powerful tool.

Let’s talk about it…..

Listening today they spoke about about an experiment where the participants were offered $10 right then and there. Or $100 in a year.

What would you do? $0 to $100 in a year for nothing is a pretty good return….

Most wanted the $10 then and there.

By simply spending the week writing down three things they were grateful for the results were different.

Offered $10, they said no. $20…no again. Some took the $30 but the majority started to think…..I’ve got $0 now…..$100 in 12 months for free sounds pretty good.

Put that into your 8 Week Challenge perspective.

Say you wanted to lose 10kgs at the start but I offered you 2kgs now. No string attached. No journey, no learnings…nothing but 2kgs off.


How many would take it? Comment below.

Gratitude helps us create a holistic approach to habits, helps you identify all the good changes that are happening and…. creates a much healthier relationship with self.


Second aspect……Compassion for Self (p.s. Not letting bad behaviour or bad habits a miss. These are still a non-no and you know it)

Open your food diary now if you have one (Or grab one free here) and look at the learnings…..Some are pretty sad to read.

I failed today
I ate bad (You ate bad)
I gave up and just binged…..


I want you to perform a little role play…… Let’s assume you’re at work and you are giving someone feedback.

Read those sentences again from your Food Diary out loud to that colleague.

You failed today
You ate bad
You gave up and binged.


Look into their eyes and tell me how they’re feeling? Bad? Emotional? Hopeless? That’s how I’d feel if I was given that feedback.

Now just because you can’t see your own face when you write them down doesn’t mean it isn’t hurting.

Lesson….instead of treating people how you’d like to be treated. Why not treat yourself like you’d like to be treated.

The impact will be powerful.


So there it is….Gratitude and Compassion

To Do List:

As part of the 8 Week Challenge you all got a Food Diary (We’ll give you one FREE here) and part of this we’ve sneakily added a daily gratitude exercise.

My test for you all….

  1. Fill it out in full
  2. Give yourself a a break when you do it, you deserve it!


p.s. Want to put this into Action? The FEMME Fitness Hub 21 Day Challenge starts Soon! Click here to Learn More.

p.p.s Don’t be left out, grab your free food diary here!

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