How to Create a Body By Design

How to Create a Body By Design
June 27, 2018 Ben Mason

Doing what works

How to Create a Body by Design…Your Design!

Life can be hectic and when you think you’re organised a spanner is thrown in the works.


The best of plans and the best planning can be thrown out the door and knock you of track and everything in our lives is a reflection. Our health, body, work, relationships…..everything!


At FEMME we’re always looking for ways to make health and fitness easier.

  1. Exercises
  2. Workouts
  3. Meal Planning
  4. Mindset and Personal Development
  5. Hard work….

It all comes back to a few simple things. Not rocket science, brain surgery or some mystic code we need to solve.

We just need to stay on track….Simple!

So how do we stay on track? If it’s so simple, why doesn’t everyone have a six-pack!

We need to decide what track is the most important to us…period!

This track is our pathway to success and it’s built on consistency applying the things we know we need to do, each and every day to stay on track.


So question….where do you want to be in 5 years?


To achieve that 5 year goal, what do you need to have in place in the next 12 months?


To achieve that one-year goal, what do you need to have in place/ completed this month? Where does your health, fitness, body need to be?


What about this week? Am I doing what I need to do this week to hit that monthly goal?

Breaking down further, what about today? Yes, today! What do I need to do today to make sure that in 5 years time I’m the picture of health and fitness I aspire to be?

This is it, simple! The most important thing, prioritised and focused on each day, week, month, year!

The most direct path!


Question…..Do You Want a Body by Design? Or Have Your Body Designed For You?

If you’re looking to lose weight, tone up your body and get back on track I challenge you….

Give Yourself 7 Days! We’ll give you the habits, the meal plans, the workouts and the motivation. You just have to do it!

Click here to apply today!


Have an Amazing day!

p.p.s Struggling with your squat? Check out this tutorial here on how to fix your squat and stop having sore knees!