Jess Van Ruth


Name: Jess Van Ruth

Nickname: Jesso

Job @ FEMME: Trainer!

I live with: My boyfriend milk (his name is actually Nick) 🍼

I spend my free time: With my friends, mainly Jess White! Going out, eating or working out.

Favourite healthy food? Avocado 🥑

Favourite not-so-healthy food? Ice cream, chocolate, cheese platters yummm.

Best local cafe? Anywhere with raw treats.

Favourite class at the hub? Boxing.

Least favourite exercise? Pull ups.

Tidy or messy person? Tidy – but a little bit Messy Jessy.

You may not know this about me but… I was part of the “Worlds Largest Macerina” (which I’m sure has been done bigger by now)